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Get over Granite

Granite Just a few years ago, granite countertops was one of the things buyers looked for as an indication of a better than average house. This last week, I had several reminders of how quickly the market has changed.

 The the first indication was a barn in Franklin with a small one bedroom apartment. The kitchen had granite countertops and stainless appliances, right beside the 4 wheelers and saddles.

 The second one was when someone visited an open house on my property in Wades Grove. The house was 4 years old, but had corian instead of granite. great cabinets, hardwoods, crown molding, landscaping, everything you could want. They kept coming back to the countertops, and I told them the truth.

 The privacy fence cost more than granite countertops, so did the hardwood floors, and the carpet, and the custom blinds. If you don’t like the countertops, let us replace them for $3000 with countertops you want. They had that deer in the headlights look of confusion. I had destroyed the only thing they knew to look for in a superior home, they walked away stunned.

Published Monday, April 26, 2010 8:07 AM by larry Brewer


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