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Searching for the Perfect Nashville Luxury Home
green hills real estateSearching for the perfect Nashville Luxury Home -  I spent a few days with a very nice couple from Napa Valley who are planning to relocate to Nashville. The husband is a Nashville native, and he has convinced his wife that the tax savings of Tennessee compared to California will make the move worthwhile. Since they own their own business, and it's not location dependant, moving across the country is not an issue.

Since the husband is a native, he had some ideas about the Nashville luxury homes they wanted to consider, but the wife had very specific requirements that needed to be met. The search for the perfect Nashville luxury home was challenging, but fun. Here are some of the things that I learned about my clients, and I'm sure most transplants are dealing with the same issues.

  • Even though Brentwood and Franklin have a great school system, and beautiful homes, the Green Hills location feels more comfortable to people from big cities.
  • Public schools don't really matter to most buyers of luxury homes, they send their children to private schools.
  • Even though property taxes in Green hills are considerably higher than Brentwood or Franklin, most people from other states still think the property taxes are cheap here (they are).
  • New homes in Green Hills or Belle Meade are likely have mature trees, but they may have neighbors on either side with homes of less than 1/2 the value of your home.
  • Gated communities in Franklin and Brentwood make some people think that crime is an issue, when the opposite is true. It seems unnecessary to build a gated community in the safest part of middle Tennessee.
  • Compared to most cities, the commute to Nashville from Franklin, or Brentwood is insignificant. Most people who live in California, or the northeast think that a 20 minute commute would be wonderful. 
  • New homes are still favored over older homes, but the inventory in Green Hills and Belle Meade is smaller than Brentwood and Franklin because of the availablilty of suitable lots.

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All of these homes are new, and finished with the current high end standards of over the top kitchens and master baths. The Green Hills home has a pool and screened porch with fireplace. All are excellent homes, and would be a pleasure to own. The real point is that the closer to Nashville you get, the more expensive Nashville luxury homes become.

To search for Nashville luxury homes in Green Hills, Brentwood, or Franklin, please click on any of these links, or visit my website at www.nashvillerealestatelink.com

Published Monday, October 12, 2009 10:54 AM by larry Brewer


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