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Search for Land in Franklin TN is Tough

Franklin Real Estate - Another Tricia story about working with buyers.

People often have the sentiment that Realtors make too much money. What they don't understand is that selling real estate is so much more than a job dealing with contracts and paper work. If I come down with Lime disease, I can assure you that my commission for the sale of a lot, won't cover my medical care.
Last week I had a client that wanted to view a lot in Natchez Valley, a beautiful gated community in Franklin, TN right beyond the over pass of the Natchez Trace on highway 96 west.
The lots are large; each consisting of a minimum of 5 acres.
My client wanted to view a steep lot that is actually owned by some California investors. Apparently the previous owner had to bale out quickly, and now the lot is listed for less than half the price of the other available lots in the subdivision, and very affordable for land in Franklin.
The listing agent forewarned me that it was a very steep lot, and if we were going to hike, we would definitely need some bug spray. It just worked out that the only time my client and I both could go was right at the hottest time of the day, and it was hot...really hot that day, 96degrees (windchill 110).
As we set out, the first thing we did was stop by the drug store to purchase some bug spray. Wouldn't you know it? After sending him listings for 3 years, and being on-line friends for all this time, I learned something new about him.  He is a naturalist. I'm all about some 'green', but really? He didn't want to use any bug spray that had DEET. He said it was all chemicals and bad for people and the environment. I wanted to be polite, so I didn't argue. Plus, I didn't want my buyer to think that I valued nature or his life any less than he did. So, I bought him the all natural 'green' repellent, and a Gatorade. He assured me that the natural stuff would work just as well.
Well...8 ticks and I don't know how many chigger bites later; I'm going to unequivocally tell you that NO it doesn't. I hate ticks!!! I spent 30 minutes extracting tiny ticks from varying parts of my body the following morning. . 
Natchez Valley is beautiful, located on the west side of Franklin, close to Westhaven. The homes are all at least 5000 sq feet and in the million dollar range. The lots are all very large, the smallest being just over five acres. The landscape is the epitome of Tennessee rolling hills, and the trees are older and fully mature. It is truly one of the loveliest subdivisions in all of Franklin TN. It is however, almost fully developed.
Currently there are three only lots on the market.
They range from $79,900 (the mountain I recently climbed) to $229,900 (10.6 acres...gorgeous!).
Concerning the lot we looked at, if you were willing to put some major money into a very long winding driveway, and be way up on a hill with a killer view; you should call me and let me show it to you. Please keep in mind though that I will be bringing repellent With DEET.

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Published Monday, August 24, 2009 7:14 AM by larry Brewer

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