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The Secret to Selling Your Nashville Home
Nashville Real Estate - I'll give away my secret right now on how to get your home sold.

Anybody want to guess?

It's not the marketing, I have the best online marketing system in the area, I can put homes on so many internet sites at one time that I can't even keep track. I have multiple blogs that have every listing on it, usually more than once. Pictures help, without them it's impossible to get any buyers to look at the house. So take a lot of pictures, use the best ones, and throw the rest away. Marketing is important, but all the marketing in the world won't help without the rest. It's not staging, staging helps, but it's not the major factor in getting a home sold.

It's the price.

Let me repeat that.

The price that determines if your listing gets sold, or the neighbors house down the street. It's a war in some areas for the few motivated buyers in the market. And price is the ammunition that's the most effective.

There it is. The secret to selling your Nashville home.

 This posting and the contents written here are the intellectual property and opinions of Larry Brewer of Benchmark Realty. Providing real estate services to clients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Green Hills, and the middle Tennessee area

Published Friday, June 26, 2009 10:56 AM by larry Brewer


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