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February 2009 - Posts

New homes are normally more energy efficient than old homes
Nashville real estate - I had this question today, and the answer is most of the time. I know I'm going to hear it from the crowd that says they don't build them like they used to. I hear that a lot, and I say, you are correct, they build them Read More...

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Sorry I missed your call
It seems like people are getting impatient lately. Even with all of the technology that I have at my disposal, (my Iphone works like a laptop), I refuse to interrupt a conversation with someone just to answer my phone. Is that rude? I hope not. My days Read More...

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My signs turned into Kites
Nashville - We had a serious storm here on Wednesday. Normally I have concerns about the homes, but they were all undamaged. My signs on the other hand were twisted as scattered around Franklin. Lucky for me the didn't smash any windows. I still have Read More...

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Polk Place Home Sales - Franklin tn real estate
Franklin Tn real estate - Polk Place home sales for the three months ending in Jan 30 are as follows. 5 homes sold for an average price of $385,600 with the lowest being $324,000 and the most expensive being $565,000. The average size of Polk Place homes Read More...

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