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Homes Zoned for Brentwood Schools

Homes Zoned for Brentwood Schools - The schools in Brentwood are considered the best in the state, and since the Williamson county school system was ranked number one in the country based on test score averages, and the schools in Brentwood have the highest scores, it would leave you to conclude that Brentwood schools are some of the best public schools in the country. From person experience talking to the parents of students who relocated from other school districts around the country, they better than even I can explain. I have parents from northern California, upstate New York, and upstate Michigan all tell me the same thing. The first year their children were in school in Brentwood they had to have tutors to catch up to the rest of the children. Even if they were straight A students in their previous schools.

I'm sure that most people reading this think that the teachers must be the reason, and I would say you are wrong. Brentwood is considered the best place to teach, but not because of pay, but because of consistently good students. The property taxes in Brentwood are much lower than Nashville, and from what I've been told, the teacher's salary is less also. So this blows up the old theory of raising taxes and paying the teachers more to get better students. It starts with parents who are willing to buy into an area that may cost more, but the environment is better for families and students.

Homes zoned for Brentwood schools, and in this case, I'll start with Brentwood high school and Ravenwood high school, are spread across northern Williamson county, primarily in the Brentwood city limits, but some homes in the Cool Springs area of Franklin also have students in Ravenwood high school for now. Always be aware that as the areas grow in population, more schools will be built, and neighborhoods will be rezoned. I tell my clients that if one particular school is important, then buy a home as close as possible to that school. Those who get rezoned are usually the farthest away from the school.

When considering the purchase of homes zoned for Brentwood schools, be aware of the changes on traffic patterns if you are a commuter. I've seen major changes in the commute time from the east side of Brentwood that may or may not be important to you. For those who love the outdoors, be aware that Brentwood have several large parks that promote almost every outdoor activity you can imagine with the exception of boating. With a large assortment of soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, miles of paved trails, swimming pools, frisbee golf courses, and volleyball courts, brentwood parks has something for everyone.

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